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507% increase in organic traffic
730% growth of "non-brand" entries to the site
470% increase in the visibility of the website in TOP10

Sanostol Case study

In September 2016, a very ambitious task was set for PromoTraffic SEO department to increase the visibility and traffic on the website of a medical client.


The idea to attract more users to was to create and expand the Guide for Parents under the patronage of Sanostol brand. The idea came from the analysis of the target group, which is in the vast majority of women aged 25-34. According to Eurostat research, most women of this age are mothers:
This guide is divided into 4 categories:

  • Vitamins and nutrients
  • Healthy eating
  • Child's health
  • Child's development

As part of each category, articles written by medical and nutrition professionals were published for 12 months. Each of the articles also went through reviews by experts cooperating with the Sanostol brand, which made them a great value for parents reading the Guide, in which they will find verified information about their children's health and diet.
From September 2016 to September 2017, 65 articles were added to the Guide. Each of them, apart from a thorough substantive check, also was optimized for the Google search engine.

Main issue

This website is a showcase of the brand, on which 4 Sanostol products are displayed. However, they cannot be purchased through the site, which makes it difficult to attract the user's attention and makes such sites often subject to high rejection rates.
Despite the fact that the Sanostol brand has been known and appreciated by parents for several years, initially the traffic on the site reached only a few hundred hits per month.


The first apparent effect of the extension of the Guide for parents was a growth in organic movement. It was observed after the first 2 months. With each subsequent article, the number of visits and new users increased.
Nowadays, compared to September 2016, organic traffic has increased by >500% year-on-year:

Source: Google Analytics
With addition of subsequent articles, the number of keywords that were not directly related to the Sanostol brand also increased.
Finally, by comparing the number of "non-brand" words as of September 2016 and their number as of September 2017 a 730% increase in "non-brand" hits is observed:

Source: Own study
The website's visibility in TOP3 and TOP10 was also gradually growing as per increasing number of keywords.
Currently we have recorded a systematic increase in TOP3 visibility compared to September 2016:


and 470% increase in TOP10 visibility:




It is also worth adding that popularity of articles published under the patronage of Sanostol was also monitored. Having analyzed the links of the website, it turned out that users naturally shared publications from the Guide on social networking sites, such as

Another challenge to increase organic traffic was successfully completed! The main point of the strategy was to produce expert content on a regular basis in the guide bookmark, and over time significant increases in visibility were observed to achieve the objectives!

Michał Gwódź

Head of SEO Development

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Grzegorz Maliszewski

Head of Business Development

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