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1600% organic growth within two years
788% increase in the visibility of the website in TOP10 within two years
82% revenue growth over the year

Cannabigold Case study

In May 2017, a very ambitious task was set for PromoTraffic SEO department to increase the visibility and traffic on the website of a medical client. An increase in organic traffic by 1600%, an increase in visibility by 788% along with an increase in revenue by 82% were achieved.  Check out how we did it!


Cannabigold is the first private company in Poland to obtain a license to grow and process fibre hemp. It runs online and stationary shops; as a result, Cannabigold products are available in more than 400 pharmacies and herbal stores in Poland and can also be obtained in many online shops including Allegro.
The target group are people interested in alternative methods of treatment, looking for dietary supplements to improve their mood.
The most important phrases designated by the client were:

  • Hemp oil
  • Hemp lotion
  • cbd oil
  • cbd lotion

Main issue

The major problem was low visibility of the site on Google. When we started working on the content, the client provided us with recommendations about it, among which there was an information related to the texts and what words could not be used. It turned out that the subject matter is very narrow, and the challenge is to write monthly industry articles on similar topics ? - challenge accepted!
Our goal was to increase brand recognition and increase internet sales. 
What actions were taken to achieve the goal?

On-site activities:
We started our cooperation with the audit and keyword analysis, which allowed us to offer the client an extension of the category structure. Then we prepared new category descriptions and blog articles and then implemented them on the website. In addition, from the beginning of the cooperation until now, we provide support in technical issues on the site and optimize the content of the site on an ongoing basis. 

Off-site activities:
Systematic acquisition of links through publications of business-related articles. 


Over the two years of cooperation - September 2017 compared to September 2019, organic traffic increased by over 1600%:


Currently, compared to September 2018, organic traffic has increased by more than 130%


Revenue data have been collected since December 2017, thus comparing September 2019 to September 2018, revenues increased by over 82% year-on-year:

It is also worth noting how revenues have increased since the beginning of this year compared to the previous year:


Source: Google Analytics

Until March 2019, the visibility of the site in TOP3 and TOP10 was gradually increasing, but then there was an update of the algorithm, which appreciated the sites, which so far had low positions and high quality content.  In the project we analyzed the drops, but the phrases that we stopped appearing in TOP 50 were not the most important for us and did not generate much traffic. 
Currently, we have recorded a large increase in the visibility of the site in TOP3 compared to May 2017:

and 788% increase in TOP10 visibility:

Below there are some examples of keyword items that we focused on:


Our cooperation started in May 2017 and through a well-planned SEO strategy, we have so far managed to increase organic traffic by 1600%, lead to an increase in visibility by 788%. Last but not least, we recommend reading the articles that are most popular:


Cooperation with Cannabigold was a big challenge due to low visibility of the site and competitive industry. Developing a tailored SEO strategy allowed us to increase brand recognition as well as web sales.

Michał Gwóźdź

Head of SEO Development

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