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Hi! Let us get to know each other.

A lot has happened in our company and in our lives over the last 7 years. During this time we have matured, achieved successes but also felt the bitter taste of defeat. We found our own identity, which we hid under the motto #GrowWithUs. We want to introduce ourselves to you and invite you for a space flight.

Robert Stolarczyk

CEO, PromoTraffic

Google Premier Partner Awards 2017

Finalista w kategorii Growing Business Online Innovation

Europan Search Awards

Finalista w kategorii Best PPC Campaign i Best Small PPC Agency

Ekomersy 2017

II miejsce w kategorii „Najlepsza agencja wspierająca generowanie sprzedaży”

Google Premier Partner

Należymy do 2% najlepszych partnerów Google na świecie

Raport Agencje Interaktywne 2017

Najlepiej oceniona przez własnych klientów agencja SEO/SEM


02/2012 Foundation of Seocrats company
1/2013 Our team is already made up of 10 experts
5/2013 We provide 50 clients with our services
6/2014 We undergo rebranding and from now on we are Promotraffic
7/2014 The team grows to 20 employees who support 100 clients!
11/2015 Google appreciates our development with the Rising Stars certificate
1/2017 Advertising expenses of our clients increase to PLN 1 000 000 per quarter
4/2017 We are the only Polish agency to be nominated for the European Search Awards 2017 in the Best PPC Campaign category
5/2017 Michał Smajek and Krystian Kucharski join the Management Board of the company
6/2017 We are the best SEO/SEM agency rated by our clients in the ranking MM Poland 2017
7/2017 As one of 11 Polish agencies we are nominated in the Growing Business Innovation category as part of the Google Premier Partners Awards
11/2017 We are ranked second-best in the category of the Best Agency supporting the generation of sales as part of Ekomersy 2017
4/2018 We receive 2 nominations in the European Search Awards 2018 in the category Best Small PPC Agency and Best PPC Campaign
5/2018 We receive a nomination in the Digital Marketing SEM category as part of the Golden Arrow
7/2018 We receive two nominations in the Google Premier Partner Awards as part of the Shopping Innovation category
12/2018 Our team grows to 35 persons; we provide services for more than 100 clients. The year ends up with 8,000,000 revenue.
4/2019 We are the second-most nominated agency in Poland (6 nominations) as part of the European Search Awards. We were nominated in the following categories: Best local campaign, Best use of search, Best low budget campaign, Best integrated Campaign, Best Pan European Campaign, Best innovative Campaign.
6/2019 We take the first place in the "e-commerce campaign" category as part of SEM KRK and the second place in the "Google Ads campaign" category.
7/2019 The #GrowWithUs approach is appreciated by customers in the report "Interactive Agencies" carried out by MMPolska.
9/2019 We are successful with our participation in the Google CEE Elevator program aimed at the best and most prospective SEM agencies from the CEE region
10/2019 As many as two our teams take part in a charity run - PKO Marathon
11/2019 Along with our key clients we take part in the next edition of Google CxO Academy. This time we visit Paris to learn digital marketing from the best INSEAD Business School experts
12/2019 We are organizing the first official edition of Ecommerce Export Summit by Promotraffic. The event is dedicated to e-commerce business that is really thinking about starting sales on foreign markets or has already been involved in them.
12/2019 During company's Christmas Eve we celebrate a great year. In 2019, our clients spent more than 25 million PLN on advertising with us, achieving over 300 million PLN in revenue. Our team was expanded to 45 people. We have already implemented advertising campaigns in over 40 markets and our revenue for 2019 exceeded PLN 11 million.
2/2020 In co-operation with Facebook Polska we organize Promotraffic&Facebook E-commerce Event - branding and performance on Facebook, which turns out to be a great success

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Whoop! for Google Shopping

It is a tool that changes rates on selected products every day, thanks to prediction models, in order to increase sales while increasing ROAS. It responds in real time to actions of competitors. Due to connection via API, CPC rate changes can reach up to 20 000 per day.

By launching intelligent product campaigns we increase the number of products displayed in PLA. This number increased from 50% to even 100% by scaling up each e-commerce. 


SEMrush is a very popular tool for improving SEO work, especially on foreign markets. Internal algorithms help us analyze visibility, keywords and competition, even on paid Google Ads or PLA channels.

Screaming Frog 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a very helpful tool in technical analysis of the service and as part of preparation of SEO audit. It allows to quickly diagnose weaknesses of the service and make proper decisions based on collected data.


Senuto allows for precise analysis and monitoring of visibility based on the largest keyword database in Poland. Senuto is also used for keyword analysis and content planning based on the idea of Topical Autorithy.


Senuto allows for precise analysis and monitoring of visibility based on the largest keyword database in Poland. Senuto is also used for keyword analysis and content planning based on the idea of Topical Autorithy.


It is a tool for analysing and monitoring links that lead to the website. Big data and speed of discovering new links is the key to success in SEO. Thanks to the Content Explorer section it is a perfect supplement to our keyword analysis process - Keyword Discovery.

How is the process?




Final terms and conditions

Kick Off


It all starts with a conversation. To solve your digital marketing problems we need to know your business really well. We are interested in who your good customer is, what the seasonal character in your industry looks like, what your margin on products is and who you are competing with.

As a result of the first meeting we construct a brief, which serves as a compass in the process of selecting the best and most suitable strategies, tools and products for you. At this stage we also set our first goals.

The time has come to present you the first effects of our work.  We will do our best to ensure that the offer responds to the brief, i.e. creates the maximum chance to achieve the goals we set ourselves in the current situation of your business.

We realize that choosing a long-term partner as part of such key issues as digital marketing is a complicated process. Therefore, you can expect reasonable flexibility from us during setting details of our cooperation in the area of payments, goals, reporting, communication.

A very important moment is coming. It is the first time you have met a team that will work for you. You can be sure that we will insist on a meeting in your company to get a maximum sense of your business. We focus on strong and long-term relationships; that is why it is so important for us to get to know each other face to face, set standards for reporting, communication, setting goals, and responsibility for both sides.

Finally, there comes a time when we can put our technology-driven strategies into practice. There is no need to deceive yourself that the process of optimizing and scaling up your online business is usually a marathon, not a sprint. We know that business is a long-term game but we do not forget about daily and weekly KPIs.

Meet our team

Robert Stolarczyk


Krystian Kucharski

Wiceprezes, Performance Director

Michał Smajek

Wiceprezes, Client Service Director

Magdalena Majewska

Head of PPC

Michał Gwóźdź

Head of SEO Development

Karol Wójcik

Head of SEO Operations

Grzegorz Maliszewski

Head of Business Development

Agnieszka Duliban-Rokita

HR Business Partner

Marcin Piątek

E-commerce Consultant

Tetiana Temruk

E-commerce Manager

Klaudia Sura

Customer Success Specialist

Michał Feluś

Customer Success Executive

Katarzyna Świgost

PPC Expert

Aneta Piętoń

PPC Expert

Anna Szyszka

PPC Specialist

Kamil Kazanowski

PPC Specialist

Kamil Kocik

PPC Specialist

Sebastian Budacz

PPC Specialist

Magdalena Rozwadowska

PPC Specialist

Katarzyna Walczak

PPC Executive

Mateusz Kochman

PPC Executive

Kamila Dybaś

Senior Social Media Specialist

Paulina Pytel

Senior Social Media Specialist

Karina Węgrzyn

Social Media Specialist

Jan Sławiński

Social Media Executive

Jakub Gac

Graphic Designer

Damian Zając

Senior SEO Specialist

Monika Śmigla

Senior SEO Specialist

Michał Broś

SEO Specialist

Gabriela Róg

SEO Specialist

Szymon Parzych

SEO Specialist

Justyna Dzielińska

SEO Specialist

Katarzyna Marczak

SEO Executive

Aleksandra Połetek

Content Marketing Specialist

Magdalena Mróz

Content Marketing Specialist

Krzysztof Winiarski

Content Marketing Specialist

Weronika Bazarnik

Content Marketing Specialist

Agata Jurkowska

Administration Specialist

Katarzyna Pomarańska

Finance Specialist

Grzegorz Maliszewski

Head of Business Development

+48 577 997 701

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